Shepherd Guidance Ministry

“Shepherd” is what we call our program for in-office guidance. At LCF we have a heart to equip people to live victorious lives in Christ. We believe that each person has untapped potential within that must be reached in order for us to be and do what God has called us to. We also understand that sometimes we face issues and circumstances in our lives that may hinder us from reaching that potential. It is our desire to see these things worked out within every believer. That is why we offer times of in-office personal guidance. To advise and guide those who may be facing issues that they just do not have the answers for.

The nature of guidance given will not only be that of advising each individual regarding issues discussed, but will also be that of equipping those individuals to alleviate these issues on an ongoing basis without the need for future sessions.

Please understand that we are not licensed counselors or certified life coaches. The guidance that we offer will be spiritually based guidance that is founded on our understanding of scripture and wisdom from our past experiences as they relate to each individual circumstance. We are in no way liable for the outcome of any decision made by anyone seeking guidance with us.