Real Life Discipleship

“Real Life Discipleship” has become one of the most vital parts of the workings of LCF. This is the mindset that drives our church and our effectiveness in the vision.

The Heart

The heart of “Real Life Discipleship” is our vision at its core: reach & train people.

The Goal – Every believer a leader

The Process


This is the first stage in the process of the vision where evangelism or restoration takes place and the new believer is plugged into small groups and corporate worship times. New and restored believers are welcomed into the family
of God in a very real and practical way.


This is a process of connecting believers to the kingdom of God as they become solid in their decision to follow Christ and learn basic truths of God. Providing an effective environment for new believers to be nurtured and cultivated in a life of faith is only reached through love, dedication, and hard work. This is done in partnership with the D’ship Groups through curriculums and gatherings that we call Pre-encounter, Encounter, and Next Level – Believe. Here at LCF we are committed to see every new believer develop the character of Jesus Christ in their lives.


The Lord commanded us to teach believers to live the life that He has instructed us. We accomplish this goal through short terms of weekly lessons in what we call Next Level – Live & Next Level – Lead. Again, in partnership with the D’ship Groups, believers learn how to hear and apply God’s Word to their lives allowing the new nature of Christ to flourish.

Next Level – Live focuses on practical lessons from the Word of God that they can use in every day life. In this class they will also find their purpose in His kingdom causing them to become fruitful leaders in the Body of Christ.

Next Level – Lead is preparation for the sending part of our process. Our vision is covered here in greater detail along with other valuable leadership lessons to enable the believer to lead others through the process and vision.


After they have gone through the fore-mentioned training process, believers are sent out and released as fruitful followers of Christ ready to lead others by launching D’ship Groups of their own or thriving within a ministry team according to their God-given purpose. The goal is for them to then replicate this process in others under the leadership of their mentors. To be sent is a great honor and privilege that deserves the response of a grateful and obedient heart to God.